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Quality Medical Supplies for Your Child

There are enough things to worry about in a child’s everyday life — their incontinence supplies shouldn’t be one of them. As parents, you can focus on other things and let ActivStyle help you with discreet home delivery of quality medical supplies for your child. We provide personalized service to help you find the right product, size, fit, comfort, quality, and more, now and as your child grows.

Expert Help

ActivStyle is a time-saving resource for parents of children with autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, development delays, spina bifida or other special needs. Our Product Experts can help recommend the appropriate medical supplies that will address your child’s medical needs. Our representatives will also help with answers to any questions you have about insurance reimbursement. Best of all, we will take care of every detail: from contacting your pediatrician for the prescription to filing all the insurance paperwork. Plus, there’s FREE shipping to your home and even monthly reminders when it is time to reorder supplies.

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ActivStyle lets parents have the peace of mind they need and gives children the performance and comfort they deserve.

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“The ActivStyle representatives that I talk to on the phone all the time are…compassionate, they know what they’re talking about, and my order has always been right. Thank you so much for being available to us.”

Renee, Burlington, IA

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ActivStyle is America’s largest insurance-reimbursed provider of incontinence products and related home medical supplies.

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