August 2019


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Health News

Skin Health & Wellness

Taking care of the skin is essential when living with or caring for someone with incontinence. Just as infants and children get “diaper rash,” adults can also experience redness and irritation that can, if not treated, lead to serious health issues.

Causes of Adult Incontinence Rash

  • Aging skin is more fragile and needs special care.
  • Inadequate cleaning between changes.
  • Too much time between changes.

There are ways to help prevent adult incontinence rash and promote skin health and wellness.

Changing at The Right Time
Seek out products that will pull liquid away from the skin and can handle multiple incontinence episodes. It is important to check frequently to determine if a change is required. Briefs (diapers) often have a wetness line that will turn blue when they are wet. A good rule of thumb is to change when the line has turned blue. When checking, if ANY stool is present it is important to change immediately.

Do Not Double Products
A common myth is that using multiple disposable products at the same time will offer better leakage protection. For example, inserting a bladder control pad inside a diaper or pullup. The truth is that disposable incontinence products are not designed to be stacked on top of each other. Stacking products can actually cause leaking and possible skin irritation. Incontinence products feature a waterproof layer to ensure liquid doesn’t escape. Only the product closest to the skin is working. Overflow from the first product will not be directed to the “strike zone” of the second product and will likely leak from the side and also keep moisture close to the skin and cause irritation. It’s a better idea to use a booster pad when extra absorbency is needed.

Check the Skin Each Time You Change
Each time you change the product, check the skin to see if there is any appearance of irritation. If there is redness, there may be a need for more frequent changes and you should contact your healthcare provider to discuss. It’s also important to cleanse the skin along with every product change.

Proper Skin Cleaning
Every time you remove a wet or soiled product you should clean the area before putting on a clean product. Proper skin cleaning will benefit skin health but also reduce infections. Use disposable washcloths to ensure proper cleaning. However, unlike toilet paper, disposable wash clothes should not be flushed. Doing so will cause plumbing issues.

Use Barrier Creams
It is important to use barrier creams sparingly, overuse of any type of cream may inhibit the “wicking” properties of the brief, underwear, or pad.

Proper Product Disposal
We recommend wrapping used incontinence products in plastic shopping bags before disposing.

If you have questions about the proper use of incontinence products, please reach out to our staff. They are trained experts who can help you with what products are available for your clients and how to use them for the best outcomes. If you have a client or patient on medical assistance who needs incontinence or other medical supplies, contact ActivStyle’s Provider Services team today at 855-373-5141. They’ll be happy to talk to you and help you determine the individual’s eligibility to receive supplies and take a referral over the phone, or you may conveniently make referrals online.


Q: Does ActivStyle provide services to pediatric customers?

A: Yes. ActivStyle provides incontinence and urology supplies to thousands of pediatric customers. Parents and caregivers have enough things to worry about in a child’s everyday life — incontinence supplies shouldn’t be one of them. With ActivStyle, parents and caregivers can focus on other important things and let ActivStyle provide regular, discreet home delivery of quality medical supplies. Our product experts provide a personalized service to help each customer find the right product, size, fit, comfort, quality, and more – now and as the child grows.

Q: Does ActivStyle bill Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance for medical supplies like catheters?

A: Yes. Our Provider Services team will be happy to take referrals for urology/catheter patients. Referrals can be made by phone toll-free at 855-373-5141. You can also conveniently make client or patient referrals online. At ActivStyle, we handle all of the billing paperwork for Medicare, private insurance, and Medicaid. Remember, as well as urologic and catheter supplies, you can also refer patients for incontinence supplies, pediatric supplies, and other medical supplies.

If you have other questions for the ActivStyle staff, feel free to call toll-free at 855-373-5141, Monday thru Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Central Time. We want to make your life easy, so you can provide the best service and information to those you serve.

Industry News

ActivStyle Now Taking Patients in SD & GA

We have great news for individuals in South Dakota and Georgia.

As of July 1, ActivStyle began taking incontinence clients in South Dakota. With a prescription from the patient’s doctor, the state now covers incontinence products (diapers, pullups, pads, washable underpads, and chux) including non-sterile gloves and wipes. To qualify, a patient must suffer from either temporary or permanent loss of bladder or bowel control and must be at least 3 years of age. Incontinence supplies must be medically necessary and a prescription signed by a M.D. or O.D. is required.

ActivStyle also began serving pediatric clients (ages 4-20) in the state of Georgia. To be eligible for incontinence supplies, patients must have an underlying medical condition that prevents control of the bowels. Incontinence supplies must be prescribed by the doctor responsible for treating the condition. Supplies available in Georgia include diapers, pullups, pads/liners/inserts, and underpads/chux. Currently, adults over the age of 20 in Georgia are not eligible to receive incontinence supplies through Medicaid.

We are excited to bring ActivStyle’s convenient home delivery of incontinence supplies to individuals in these states!

Conference News

It’s never too early to plan ahead for important conferences. ActivStyle booth at the St. Louis County Health & Human Service Conference in Duluth, Minnesota, October 9 & 10. If you are at the conference, please stop by our booth and meet our staff. They’ll be ready and willing to answer any questions you may have about ActivStyle’s medical supply service. We look forward to meeting you in person.

Working with ActivStyle

Wouldn’t it be great if you spent less time mired in case-related paperwork and details and more time helping those who need you?

ActivStyle is a full-service provider of high-quality, high-value home medical supplies serving thousands of practitioners and case managers across the United States. Our product expertise and knowledge of constantly changing state and federal regulations allow us to give you — and the clients who depend on you — the level of service you need and deserve.

Founded in 1997 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, ActivStyle has grown to over 200 employees compassionately serving patients in 47 states with their medical supply needs. Specializing in incontinence, urological, and ostomy supplies, our Product Experts are available to discuss product options, insurance benefits, free delivery, or product samples. Feel free to call one of our Provider Services representatives toll-free at 855-373-5141, they’ll be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have about our products, services, or take a referral over the phone. You may also conveniently make client or patient referrals online.

At ActivStyle, we’re dedicated to making your life easier.