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 by Melisa
Great company

From the customer service to the products Activstlye earns 5 stars from me. Originally I was not so happy with the company because the product I was receiving was not good quality at all. After reading my review (and apparently many other complaints) concerning the youth pull ups , Activstyle reached out to me and let me know that they were changing the product. I couldn't be happier with the new youth pull ups! This company really cares about thier customers! Thank you so much Activstyle!

 by EHoworth

Activstyle has been awesome. I deal with the 800 number... called on a Friday set it up delivery Monday - Another place was at it for 3 weeks. You can only have accidents so many times before it drives you nuts. Thanks ActivStyle, your reps were all respectful and efficient.

 by Shauna

I love getting supplies from Activstyle! The fit of the pull ups are better than any i have ever used. The boosters they sent are a wonderful addition, and do the job without adding bulk. I have the freedom to go out for extended activities or car trips, without worrying about leaks. Also, many times, i can change the booster while out and about, without having to change the entire pull up . Very helpful and convenient. (Especially, in a public restroom). Activstyle has been great to work with! Their knowledge of products and sizing has given me the confidence and freedom I needed to spend more time away from home! Thank you Activstyle!

 by Sheri
ActivStyle rocks!


Recently I needed to be recertified, and I had also changed doctors, so there was a long delay getting all the paperwork in order so I could get my supplies. It's been a couple of months now, and I have had to spend my own money in the interim. Finally, day before yesterday, Sept 13, my doctor's office completed the prescription, and I got a call to verify my order. When the representative found out I had been without my shipments for so long, she informed me my supplies would arrive as soon as possible, but that it would probably be a few business days. So I expected to get my shipment next Tuesday or Wednesday. To my delight, UPS just emailed me to let me know that my shipment will arrive by the end of today! My day has been made and it's not even sunup yet! Thanks, ActivStyle, for making clients feel important!

 by Dianne
My ActivStyle life

It’s just the greatest thing to have ActivStyle for my active life. I tried several different kinds of pullups before ActivStyle, but when I got the pullups from ActivStyle, they just fit. That’s a wonderful thing to have them fit like regular underpants. ActivStyle has really helped me because I’m an active person. Now I can get out and go and not worry about having embarrassing accidents in public.

 by Frances
Just one less thing I have to think about

My son Joe has been using ActivStyle for two years. His children's hospital told us about ActivStyle and I'm so grateful. Using ActivStyle's service make being a mom easier. ActivStyle makes it so easy to get supplies and to get what he needs that it's just one less thing I have to think about.

 by Connie
I feel really protected

I've been using ActivStyle about three years now. ActivStyle has given me freedom. I can go out and do things without any worries, about any leaks happening. And the pullups, I love the comfort, a slim design, I can wear anything with them without feeling uncomfortable or anything. When I go out, I feel really protected.

 by Karen
ActivStyle representatives are very professional

The ActivStyle representatives are very professional, very courteous, and very thorough with every question that they ask to make sure that our needs are met and we have everything that we need.

 by Anastasia
Anybody who has a child with a disability should call ActivStyle

Anybody who has a child with a disability should call ActivStyle. My son's nurse referred us to ActivStyle. It means so much to me now that my son has been using ActivStyle. Before ActivStyle, I was just afraid that he was going to wet himself at night. Now we have the products to keep him dry and comfortable, with no accidents. ActivStyle is life changing for us, we love it.

 by Mark
Easy to order from ActivStyle

I order incontinence products from ActivStyle for my son. ActivStyle makes it a lot easier to get the products he needs... they just come to our door. We don’t have to worry about going to the store or worrying about running out of products.