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ActivStyle is a trusted full-service provider of high-quality, high-value home medical supplies. Whether you need ostomy/wound supplies or oral-fed nutritional products, our caring Product Experts are just a phone call away for a personalized consultation.

Your insurance plan may not cover all of the supplies we carry. Our Product Experts will gladly verify your insurance plan and let you know exactly what’s covered and what’s not.


ActivStyle has 1-piece or 2-piece pouching options and related accessories.

  • Ostomy bags
  • One-piece pouches
  • Two-piece pouches
  • Deodorant
  • Prep wipes and more

Wound Care

We provide wound care supplies including gauze, tape, and bandages for individuals on Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans*.

  • Gauze
  • Tape
  • Specialty dressings

*If a patient has Medicaid or a commercial health insurance plan, wound care supplies may be available through ActivStyle.  Please call for more information.

Nutritionals (currently not available)

NOTICE: At this time, ActivStyle is not taking new nutritional patients. Supply chain issues have limited the supply of these products and we are focusing our efforts on servicing the needs of our current patients.

ActivStyle carries a range of standard and specialty oral-fed supplements including shakes and juices to help you manage post-surgical care, diabetes, and more.

  • Ensure®
  • Glucerna®
  • PediaSure®
  • Boost®
  • And more!

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“The ActivStyle representative…was so careful to ask about everything that I needed, and when I wanted to change something, she was very careful to get what I wanted and make sure that she was getting it down right…she did her job just perfectly. She just made my day go much better…”

Irene, Canton, OH

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ActivStyle is America’s largest insurance-reimbursed provider of incontinence products and related home medical supplies.

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