December 2020


Happy holidays from ActivStyle! As we approach the end of 2020 and reflect on the challenges and success that this year has presented, the team at ActivStyle would like to take this time to say thank you. We appreciate that you trust your clients’ medical supply needs to ActivStyle. From everyone at ActivStyle, we wish you and yours happiness, abundant health, and a new year filled with prosperity.


Health News

Incontinence in Women

Most women do not want to admit to anyone that they have accidentally leaked a bit of urine while sneezing or had such a strong urge to pee that they couldn’t get to the bathroom in time. But it happens!

It’s important to let your doctor know how you experience incontinence. Urinary incontinence may seem embarrassing, but it’s not uncommon. More than 18 million women suffer from incontinence in the United States. And, if you are one of them, you may be comforted to learn that there are many effective treatments and products available to improve the situation.

According to information from the Mayo Clinic, treatment for urinary incontinence depends on the type of incontinence, its severity, and the underlying cause. A combination of treatments may be needed. If an underlying condition is causing symptoms, a doctor will first treat that condition.

Some treatments that have been successful in helping with incontinence include:

Behavioral techniques: Behavioral treatments are a group of interventions that improve urinary incontinence and other lower urinary tract symptoms by changing the patient’s daily habits.

Electrical stimulation: Electrodes are temporarily inserted into the rectum or vagina to stimulate and strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Gentle electrical stimulation can be effective for stress incontinence and urge incontinence, but the patient may need multiple treatments over several months.

Medications: Some medications have proven to be effective for some patients.

Surgery: If other treatments are not working, several surgical procedures can be used to treat the patient. These procedures include: Sling procedures, bladder neck suspension, and prolapse surgery.

If medical treatments can’t completely eliminate the patient’s incontinence, absorbent incontinence products can be used to help ease the discomfort and inconvenience of leaking urine. There are dozens of items available to help manage mild, moderate, and even severe incontinence symptoms.

  • Pads: Thanks to modern technology and materials, like superabsorbent polymers, most incontinence products are no more bulky than normal underwear and can be easily worn under everyday clothing.
  • Disposable underwear: Also known as “pull ups” or “pull on” incontinence underwear, these garments come in lots of styles. They pull on and off like regular underwear. Some even look similar to elastic-banded underwear but are designed to be highly-absorbent and disposable.
  • Adult briefs (diapers): Adult briefs have tape on the sides so they are infinitely adjustable for the perfect fit and can be easily removed. They are ideal for those who suffer from heavy incontinence and come in a range of day and overnight options.
  • Catheters: If the patient is incontinent because their bladder doesn’t empty properly, a doctor may recommend that they use a catheter to fully empty the bladder. A catheter is a soft tube that is inserted into the urethra several times a day to drain the bladder. A doctor will instruct the patient how to safely use a catheter for best results.
  • Underpads: These absorbent products are disposable (chucks) or reusable (washable) flat pads with an absorbent layer on one side and a moisture barrier on the other. They protect mattresses, chairs, or other furniture from urine leaks. They also come in a range of absorbencies.

If you have questions about the types of incontinence products available for your clients, please reach out to our staff. They are trained experts who can help you determine what products are available for your clients and how to use them for the best outcomes. If you have a client or patient on medical assistance who needs incontinence or other medical supplies, contact ActivStyle’s Provider Services team today at 855-373-5141, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Central Time. You can also email our staff at

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Q: Why does the client need to see their doctor before ActivStyle receives the request for products?
A: All prospective clients need to have seen a doctor who agreements with them about the need for the products being requested. Since we send a prescription request to the doctor, it will save time for us and the client if the doctor is fully aware of the client’s situation and that they are working with ActivStyle to get incontinence or other medical supplies.

Q: Why do we need to provide two or more diagnoses?
A: Most Medicaid programs require two diagnoses; one diagnosis for the type of incontinence and another for the cause of the incontinence. To be more consistent across all our clients, we obtain both diagnoses regardless if their Medicaid plan requires it or not.

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Product News

Rely Brand is High-Quality Incontinence Protection

The team at ActivStyle is proud to offer our customers the very best incontinence products available. And the Rely® brand is the physical representation of that commitment to quality incontinence protection that our customers need and deserve; a medical-grade incontinence product that works.

Earlier this year, we announced a new partnership with First Quality®, a premium incontinence product company, to manufacture our Rely brand of incontinence briefs and protective underwear. Now, we are glad to announce that the rave reviews are in. Many customers tell us that they love their Rely products for being effective and comfortable to wear. They appreciate that the products keep them dry and allow them to do the daily activities that they enjoy to do; without the worry of leaks and drips of incontinence.

Since 1989, First Quality has worked with healthcare professionals and users to develop innovations that offer exceptional comfort, absorbency, odor protection, skin health, and discretion. And now they bring that experience and technology to the Rely brand. Our partnership with First Quality has produced a high-quality product that provides customers with reliable and comfortable protection from incontinence.

First off, customers notice updated contemporary product packaging versus the old, white, generic-looking packaging of the old Rely brand. While fancy packaging is nice, the real benefit to customers is found inside the package. Rely briefs and protective underwear now represent a significant upgrade in product quality and performance from the old Rely product.

What makes the Rely product so effective? Hidden inside the core of Rely briefs and protective underwear is a superabsorbent polymer material that is instrumental in ensuring that the products work effectively and that the wearer’s skin remains dry and healthy. Superabsorbent polymers work by quickly absorbing wetness, pulling it away from the skin, and locking it away in a soft gel-like material, keeping the wearer dry and more comfortable.

Thicker is better is no longer true. Forget about the bulk and fluff of old-fashioned incontinence products. One of the best benefits of superabsorbent polymers is that this unique material enables modern diapers to be thin, extremely light weight, discreet, and very comfortable to wear.

Customers who use the Rely brand will also experience enhanced features including breathable and cloth-like fabric, fast absorbent core technology, odor guard, wetness indicator, and many other features for superior performance and a comfortable, discreet fit. Customers will appreciate that Rely products are all manufactured in the USA.

Also new to the Rely is a versatile 30” x 30” disposable underpad (also known as a chux). This pad is a convenient incontinence solution to protect chairs, beds, and other furniture from leaks. This pad should be used in conjunction with a body worn product.

Learn more about the Rely brand of incontinence products on the ActivStyle website.

If you have questions about the Rely brand or other incontinence products, our factory-trained Product Experts are available to discuss product options, insurance benefits, free delivery, or product samples. Feel free to call one of our Provider Services representatives toll-free at 855-373-5141, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Central Time. You can also email our staff at . If you have clients who you would like to refer to ActivStyle for services, you may conveniently make client or patient referrals online.


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