February 2021


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Health News

Skincare and Incontinence

Incontinence leaves the aging population at risk for impaired skin integrity. Exposure to urine and feces is one of the most common causes of skin breakdown and makes the skin more susceptible to various injuries.

It’s always better to prevent a problem than to treat one; so, focus on these key areas when helping a patient maintain healthy skin:

Choose the right pads and protective underwear to quickly and thoroughly absorb moisture and keep it away from the skin – especially overnight. These products are available in a variety or absorbencies to meet the needs of a wide range of individuals.

Be sure pads and underwear fit properly. If a protective product is too loose, liquid can leak out before it is fully absorbed. If the garment is too tight, irritation can occur, creating an environment for infection.

Use a booster pad if the incontinence garment needs more absorbency. The key to healthy skin is to keep urine away from the skin so the wearer stays dry and comfortable. Diaper booster pads offer a simple, affordable solution to leaks. By placing a booster pad inside an existing diaper or protective underwear, you can enjoy extra leakage protection, or even overnight coverage. Booster pads are an affordable and convenient way to extend the life of a diaper or pull-up – they’re much cheaper than other incontinence products and they can be swapped out once they are full!

Avoid ordinary bar or antibacterial soaps for cleansing the skin. Most people assume that regular cleansing with soap and water is all that is needed to protect the skin and prevent odor. These types of soap can dry the skin in sensitive areas and raise its pH, exacerbating an existing skin condition. Special cleansers that remove urine and stool without the need for scrubbing and which are not drying to the skin—no matter how often they are used each day—are important for people with incontinence.

Wet Wipe/Wash Cloth are a great option for clean-up. Cleansing the skin is easier and better for the skin when you use non-irritating cleanser in handy, disposable wipes. Wipes gently dissolve irritants without causing additional irritation.

Dealing with incontinence can be a challenge for your clients, but it does not have to be that way. Once you refer your clients to ActivStyle, we will take care of all the details. We’ll verify their insurance coverage, contact the doctor for a prescription, and discreetly ship covered products to their door every month. If you have a client or patient on medical assistance who needs incontinence or other medical supplies, contact ActivStyle’s Provider Services team today at 855-373-5141, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Central Time. You can also email our staff at   You may also conveniently make client or patient referrals online.



Q: Why do you need a prescription for incontinence products?
A: In order for insurance to cover incontinence products, ActivStyle is required to have a prescription on file from the patient’s doctor. This will show that the patient has seen their doctor and he or she agrees that there is a medical need for incontinence products.

Q: Why do you need a 2nd diagnosis for incontinence?
A: This is a standard ICD-10 requirement for any product being ordered by your doctor. This justifies and qualifies the medical need for the product, and will ensure that the insurance will pay for the products being ordered.

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Insurance Information

Does Medicare pay for pads or adult diapers? Unfortunately, the answer is no. This seems to be the first question most seniors have and, unfortunately, for the vast majority of seniors living outside of nursing homes, Medicare does not pay for pads or adult diapers. There are a few other incontinence supplies which are covered—such as catheters—but disposable absorbent products are largely, if not entirely, the financial responsible of the individual. Unfortunately, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, sometimes called Medigap policies, also do not cover these supplies.

Does Medicaid pay for incontinence supplies? In most cases the answer is yes. Individuals living at home or in the community may be eligible to get their incontinence supplies under the category of home care supplies.  However, it is important to note, Medicaid Waivers and rules change from state to state and in some states the program may limit the brands or quantities of product available to an individual.

If you have questions about what products are available to your clients through their insurance, call the experts on our Provider Services team toll-free at 855-373-5141, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Central Time. You can also email our staff at . If you’d like to refer a client or patient, you may  make client or patient referrals online.


ActivStyle is Your Partner in Patient Care

Wouldn’t it be great if you spent less time mired in case-related paperwork and details and more time helping those who need you? ActivStyle is a full-service provider of high-quality, high-value home medical supplies serving thousands of practitioners and case managers across the United States. Our product expertise and knowledge of constantly changing state and federal regulations allow us to give you — and the clients who depend on you — the level of service you need and deserve.

Founded in 1997 in Minneapolis, MN, ActivStyle has grown to over 200 employees compassionately serving patients in 47 states with their medical supply needs. Specializing in incontinence, urological, and ostomy supplies, our trained Product Experts are available to discuss product options, insurance benefits, free delivery, or product samples. Feel free to call one of our Provider Services representatives toll-free at 855-373-5141, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Central Time, they’ll be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have about our products, services, or take a referral over the phone. You may also conveniently make client or patient referrals online. Emails to our staff are welcome at .

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