November 2019


Thanks for being a subscriber of the ActivStyle Insights newsletter. The holidays are upon us and with them comes the challenge of enjoying the season along with managing incontinence. Below we share valuable information about managing incontinence and living active and full lives even with the challenges that come with being incontinent. It’s our hope that this information is helpful to you and the clients you serve.

Health News

Debunking the Myths of Incontinence
Many older adults, and those who care for them, have misconceptions about urinary incontinence that can interfere with treatment and management. Here are a few of the most common myths that we would like to debunk:

Incontinence is just a part of aging
Urinary incontinence does commonly affect elderly people; however, it is not a normal sign of aging and should not be considered so. According to the Mayo Clinic, Urinary incontinence isn’t a disease, it’s a symptom. It can be caused by everyday habits, underlying medical conditions, or physical problems. Elderly people have a higher chance of developing disease and conditions that can lead to bladder control problems. Such conditions may include diabetes, nerve damage, prostate cancer in men, and pelvic organ prolapse (POP) disorder. Women going through menopause may also experience leakage problems. Estrogen levels tend to decrease during menopause, and when estrogen levels are low, vaginal tissues start to thin and become dry. This can trigger bladder spasms.

Drinking less fluid will improve urinary incontinence
Often older adults limit their fluid intake in the mistaken belief that if they drink less they will produce less urine and their incontinence will be less severe. However, severely limiting fluids leads to more concentrated urine which irritates the bladder and makes the problem worse. Drinking adequate fluids and allowing about two hours between trips to the bathroom keeps the urine diluted and helps to maintain a normal bladder capacity.

Childbirth causes irreversible incontinence
While women often experience loss of bladder control after pregnancy, it’s usually temporary and gets better over time and can be treated.

Prostate cancer surgery leaves most men incontinent
More severe incontinence is a common side-effect of surgery to remove the prostate. Around 200,000 men in America are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. Of the men who have prostate surgery about half will have short-term incontinence in the months afterwards. Incontinence results when one or both sphincters in the male urinary tract are weakened or damaged from surgery. Only two in every ten men will have long-term incontinence that leaves them using pads.

You can just apply a sanitary napkin for menstruation to your underwear every day
If incontinence is a daily problem, it’s wiser to use incontinence products specifically designed to collect and hold urine.

The truth about urinary incontinence
The truth about urinary incontinence is that it might be cured, treated, or at least managed. So it is important to talk to your doctor about your incontinence, what may be causing it, and how it can be treated and managed.

If you have a client or patient on medical assistance who needs incontinence or other medical supplies, contact ActivStyle’s Provider Services team today at 855-373-5141 (Monday – Friday, 8AM-5PM Central Time). They’ll be happy to help determine the individual’s eligibility to receive supplies through ActivStyle and take a referral over the phone, or you may conveniently make referrals online.


Q: Does ActivStyle service pediatric customers?

A: Yes. ActivStyle provides incontinence and urology supplies to thousands of pediatric customers. Parents and caregivers have enough things to worry about in a child’s everyday life — incontinence supplies shouldn’t be one of them. With ActivStyle, parents and caregivers can focus on other important things and let ActivStyle provide regular, discreet home delivery of quality medical supplies. Our product experts provide a personalized service to help each customer find the right product, size, fit, comfort, quality, and more – now and as the child grows.

Q: Does ActivStyle bill Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance for medical supplies like catheters?

A: Yes. Our Provider Services team can take referrals for catheter patients. Referrals can be made by phone toll-free at 855-373-5141. You can also conveniently make client or patient referrals online. At ActivStyle, we handle all of the billing paperwork for Medicare, private insurance, and Medicaid. Remember, as well as urologic and catheter supplies, you can also refer patients for incontinence supplies, pediatric supplies, ostomy supplies, and other medical supplies.

If you have other questions for the ActivStyle staff, feel free to call toll-free at 855-373-5141, Monday thru Friday, 8AM to 5PM, Central Time. We want to make your life easy, so you can provide the best service and information to those you serve.

Product News

Booster Pads Provide Added Protection

Booster pads can be used in conjunction with any disposable incontinence undergarment, brief, or adult diaper. Also called “diaper inserts” or “diaper doublers”, booster pads are worn inside another absorbent undergarment to increase the absorbency and minimize changes, providing an extra layer of protection. Booster Pads will improve comfort, confidence, and overall wearability.

Booster pads are an economical way to extend the use of any disposable undergarments or adult diapers. These incontinence pads fit easily inside an adult diaper and allow for quick and easy cleanup.

The flow-through design of booster pads allows the wetness to flow through the booster pad and into the underlying diaper which prevents leaks from the leg openings. When the booster pad fills to capacity, any additional liquid will pass through to the disposable undergarment below. Plus, the design of the booster pad provides better airflow than a traditional incontinence pad, helping to reduce urinary tract infections.

Booster Pads are placed over the core of any disposable undergarment or adult diaper. As an incontinence booster pad, they are designed to extend the wear of the original undergarment and may be used to reduce nighttime changes and improve sleep patterns as well as minimizing caregiver stress. The slim design also allows for comfort and mobility when a little extra protection might be needed away from home.

Special features included in adult booster pads is a soft texture for easy clean up and an hourglass shape designed to contain bowel incontinence. Some booster pads have adhesive backing to hold the pad securely in place. If one booster pad is not enough, you can “double up” or stack one on top of another to provide a double layer of extra prevention. Booster pads may be used by women or men.

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