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Bladder control and incontinence supplies delivered discreetly to your door at little to no out-of-pocket cost to you through Medicaid.
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It’s easy to get started with ActivStyle’s discreet home delivery service. Our friendly and compassionate team is ready for a quick chat to check if you qualify. We handle it all – from getting a required prescription from your doctor and billing your insurance. Enjoy the convenience of regular, discreet deliveries to your doorstep. Take a step towards comfort and freedom – reach out to us today to get started!”

Ask about a no-cost product sample to try.
No-cost product samples are available to those who are insurance-eligible, so you can get the right products for your needs.

What products may be available to you?

  • Bladder control pads for women – Pads for women are inserts that secure to underwear with adhesive strips and have absorbent cores to capture and lock away urine leakage. These female incontinence pads provide light to moderate absorbency.
  • Bladder control pads for men – Like bladder control pads for women, male guards are designed to fit the anatomy of men and are worn inside underwear. Guards for men are secured in place with adhesive strips and have absorbent cores to absorb and capture urine leakage or accidents. These pads for men provide light to moderate absorbency.
  • Protective underwear (pull-ups)Worn under clothing like regular underwear, protective underwear address the incontinence needs for many adults. Also known as pull-ups, this incontinence product addresses moderate to heavy incontinence needs.
  • Adult diapers (briefs) – Adult diapers are also known as incontinence briefs. These are the tab-style incontinence product that many are already familiar with. The tabs allow for a better, more comfortable fit and less leakage. Adult diapers for are ideal for moderate to heavy incontinence needs.
  • Booster pad – Also known as a diaper doubler, booster pads are worn inside another absorbent undergarment to increase the absorbency, providing an extra layer of protection.
  • Underpads (chux) – Disposable underpads, also known as chux, and are used to protect beds, chairs, and other furniture and surfaces from incontinence leaks.
  • Wipes – Some plans will cover wipes, or incontinence washcloths. Wipes are a great sanitary solution to ensure skin wellness and protection.
  • Gloves – A few plans will cover gloves, which can be a valuable tool when it comes to managing incontinence.

Product availability depends on your insurance plan, not all products are available in all states. Ask our Product Expert what products are covered by your insurance plan.

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Discover the ActivStyle advantage:

Since 1997, ActivStyle has been the trusted leader in home delivery of quality bladder control and incontinence supplies. Each month, we assist thousands of seniors, disabled adults, and special needs children nationwide with these necessary supplies.

  • Affordable – Little to NO COST to insurance-eligible clients.*
  • Sample Products – Ask about a no-cost product sample for proper fit and performance.**
  • Quality of Our Products – High quality name brands like Rely® and Prevail®.
  • Convenient – No more inconvenient trips to the store for incontinence supplies. ActivStyle delivers directly to your home.
  • Discreet – Your order is shipped in discreet, brown boxes.
  • Expertise – Our compassionate, trained Product Experts help you select the best bladder control and incontinence products for your needs.
  • Easy – Let ActivStyle handle the details. We contact your doctor for the required prescription, process all the insurance paperwork, and even remind you each month when it’s time to reorder.
  • Get-It-Right Guarantee – We guarantee you will be satisfied with our product’s performance, quality, comfort and fit or we will make it right.
  • Accredited – ActivStyle is nationally recognized by ACHC (Accreditation Commission for Health Care) which validates our commitment to high quality patient care and service.
  • Superior Customer Service – 94% of customers surveyed would recommend ActivStyle to a friend, family, or colleague and 95% of customers surveyed were satisfied with ActivStyle’s customer service.

* Patient financial responsibility is determined by health plan eligibility and patient meeting qualifying medical necessity criteria. Estimated out-of-pocket costs will be discussed prior to service. ** Product sample, for sizing and performance, available to eligible patients with first order. Product availability may vary by state.

What customers say about ActivStyle

activstyle medicaid diann testimonial“It’s just the greatest thing to have ActivStyle for my active life. I tried several different kinds of pullups before ActivStyle, but when I got the pullups from ActivStyle, they just fit. That’s a wonderful thing to have them fit like regular underpants. ActivStyle has really helped me because I’m an active person. Now I can get out and go and not worry about having embarrassing accidents in public.” Diann



activstyle medicaid connie testimonial“I’ve been using ActivStyle about three years now. ActivStyle has given me freedom. I can go out and do things without any worries, about any leaks happening. And the pullups, I love the comfort, a slim design, I can wear anything with them without feeling uncomfortable or anything. When I go out, I feel really protected.” Connie
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ActivStyle is the easy, convenient way to get incontinence supplies!

We will do all the work to confirm your eligibility, ship discreetly to your door, and get you back to living life with confidence and comfort.

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ActivStyle offers a full range of incontinence products for adults and special-needs children, including protective underwear (pullups), diapers/briefs, pads, liners, male guards, booster pads, underpads (chux), and male external catheters.


youth pullups
Baby Diapers
youth pullups
Youth Pullups
children's training pants
Training Pants
protective underwear

Protective Underwear (Pullups)
Moderate to Heavy Absorbency

adult diapers

Adult Diapers (Briefs)
Heavy Absorbency

liners pads guards

Liners, Pads, and Guards
Light to Moderate Absorbency


Underpads (Chux)
Protection for Beds, Chairs, and other Furniture

booster pads2

Booster Pads
Increases Absorbency for Protective Underwear and Diapers

male external catheter

Male External Catheter
Condom Catheter

ACHC Accredited

ActivStyle is nationally recognized by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. (ACHC). This designation demonstrates our commitment to continued compliance with ACHC’s high standards and the continued education of our employees regarding the policies and procedures that govern a medical supply company.