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Did you know that in many cases youth diapers may be entirely covered your insurance?

ActivStyle cares about special needs children, teens, and their families. Not all youth diapers are alike and it can be hard to find exactly the right ones as your child grows. Children’s diapers may be too small, or your child or teen may not like the “kiddy” patterns and colors of the product options on the market today. ActivStyle’s diapers for older children with special needs are designed and sized to fit the unique and changing bodies of children and youth, and our friendly Product Experts will make sure you receive ones that are appropriately absorbent and comfortable, satisfaction guaranteed.  We’ll even send complimentary samples with your first order to help check comfort and fit for your child.

Our Product Experts are here to work for you and answer all your questions. Just give us a call for a personal consultation. Then we’ll handle all the details, from verifying your coverage to contacting your child’s pediatrician for a prescription to processing the insurance paperwork.  We’ll ship your order discreetly and conveniently right to your door at no charge. We’ll also remind you when its time to reorder your youth diapers so your child will never be without.

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* Patient financial responsibility is determined by health plan eligibility and patient meeting qualifying medical necessity criteria. Estimated out-of-pocket costs will be discussed prior to service. **Product sample, for sizing and performance, available to eligible patients with first order. Product availability may vary by state.

OUR GET-IT-RIGHT GUARANTEE: Your comfort and satisfaction matters to us. We will send different incontinence product samples for fit and performance until you are completely happy.

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“ActivStyle’s representative was absolutely wonderful…very courteous, and very respectful about my concerns with my son’s pull-ups – that they were getting a little bit too small for him. She had no problem changing that for me. She was amazing.”

Christina, Marion, NY

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